Our unique approach

GearSelect is a leading supplier of customised textile solutions.

Every customer or application has a specific set of requirements. This requires a unique customised approach. Our extensive knowledge of technical fabrics and our experience with the different production techniques ensures products of the highest quality for the best possible price. Not just in high volmes but also in small batch production.

Our unique approach garantees a high satisfaction rate and consist of 4 distinctive phases:

  1. Supply your own style or choose from our basic styles.
  2. Specify fabric and colour scheme to meet the visiual identity of your company
  3. Choose from the extensive range of options. Add logos, lining and accessories.
  4. Get a sample quickly and place your order

* minimum order quantity is 100 pcs. based on our basic styles, fabrics and colours. Starting at 500 pcs you can completely customise your product or supply your own style.

Interested? We are more than happy to discuss our unique approach and competitive pricing in more detail. Contact us at +31 (0)345 533 886!

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